March 2023

EcoPrint started as an idea…

A single water bottle gave Caleb DeBass an idea. He asked the question, “What if this bottle could be used for 3D printer filament?”

Since that day, EcoPrint has moved towards new extensive and creative methods of recycling different types of plastic waste.

April 2023

(Pic 1) From thought to first sketch… There was a dream to create a machine that could recycle plastic waste into medicine bottles and toys for kids while helping the environment.


(Pic 2) To late nights 3D printing, assembling, and redesigning parts for the Filament Forge Mark I. Caleb and Carson began to build the Mark I on weekends in Carson’s garage. 

May 2023

(Pic 3) The Mark I was finally starting to take shape. There were many obstacles that Caleb and Carson had to solve… (They are no electrical engineers)





(Pic 4) Carson was afraid to turn on the machine. It had shot sparks previously at him… (wiring issues)

All went well…

June 2023

 (Pic 5) The Mark I was finally ready to be assembled. All of the wiring is attached to the bottom of the machine. The main obstacle with the Mark I was overheating
(Pic 6) The forge was completed. All the parts were in working condition. The machine could finally begin recycling plastic waste.

July 2023

(Pic 7) The EcoPrint team started reaching out to local churches, schools, hospitals for plastic bottle donations. We received over 4000 bottles in donations in 1 summer





(Pic 8) One of the medicine bottles printed.

August 2023

(Pic 9) Over summer, the EcoPrint team continued to collect more plastic waste and recycle bottles and printed more medicine bottles to take to Guatemala.


(Pic 10) The team met with the Saint Francis University President, Fr. Malachi Van Tassell to discuss how everything that has been done so far in EcoPrint.

(Pic 11) The team added Sophie Fusaro as the Community Outreach Coordinator. 

October & November

(Pic 12) The Mark II is born, this machine is faster, quieter, and more efficient than its predecessor. It also has a clean new coat of paint.

(Pic 13) Production of the new animal keychains started. These models were created by Zou3D

(Pic 14) The team was invited to talk to incoming students at St. Francis’s admitted students day to inspire the incoming freshman about getting involved with your community and helping others.


(Pic 15) Nate and Carson began to research and build a new recycling machine called the “ARTME3D.”

(Pic 16) ARTME3D completed.