Meet The Team

Caleb DeBass

Founder, President & Content Production

Caleb is a biology pre-medicine major at Saint Francis University who has always been interested in the idea of recycling. He is passionate about coding and medicine. He created the non-profit EcoPrint to help underserved communities while reducing plastic waste in the environment.

Carson Elbin

Co-Founder & Vice President of Design and Production

Carson is a biology pre-medicine and biology major at Saint Francis University. Carson found a love for 3D printing and worked with Caleb to discover that plastic waste could be recycled and reused as 3D-printed products. Carson hopes to give back to underprivileged communities by printing medicine bottles and equipment.

Nate Poplos

Co-Founder & Vice President of Research and Development

Nate is a biology pre-medicine and biology major at St. Francis University. As Vice President of RnD, he is currently working on finding more efficient methods of recycling biology lab equipment.

Sophie Fusaro

Community Outreach Coordinator

Sophie is a junior physician assistant major at Saint Francis University. Sophie has a love for the environment and all living things. As the Community Outreach Coordinator, her main goal on EcoPrint is to collect more bottles and reach out to other organizations and groups to spread the word about our mission.

Luke Lamb

Head of Content and Video Production

Luke is a junior pre-physician assistant major at Saint Francis University and plans to go to graduate school for PA. Luke is passionate about photography and always tries to get the perfect shot that tells a story. He helps with making EcoPrint videos, and with the process of recycling bottles.

Matthew Harris

Head of Web Design and Development

Matthew is a junior cybersecurity major at Saint Francis University. He was recruited by Caleb to design the website. He enjoys creative projects and wants to help EcoPrint get attention by publicizing all of the goals the team has for the incoming year.